3D models for sale?

Hello all,

can some one please recommend me a site where i can purchase 3D models (Rhino - nurbs)? I am looking for 3D model of a males hand…thank you in adv to all that help.

thank you.

Turbosquid.com - Nurbs might be tougher to find though - you’d probably have to accept something that is a mesh but take a look.

thank you. is there a way to convert MESH to NURBS?

Rhino can import and render meshes.

There is no real (or at least easy) way of actually converting a mesh to a nurbs model. I won’t get into this more because then it becomes a math lesson haha.

GrabCad’s library is growing

Cadhuman.com has some nice files.

@ MasterBlaster : thanks for sharing…