3D Modelling rates

How much one should charge for 3d modelling for medical and product kind of stuff for european clients depending upon hourly rate ?

Can’t answer this question without details. 3D modeling means different things to different people.

  • Is this 3D modeling for web graphics or presentation (polygons probably)?
  • Is this 3D surface modeling?
  • Is this 3D CAD?

And what level of surface modeling or CAD? Are these only for design reference or are these for tooling? Are the surfaces complex or are they simple?

My rates (US$) vary depending on what is asked of me. Some people don’t vary and only charge for their time. Other people also charge for level of difficulty (complex surfacing for tooling that maintains the original design is still premium afaik).

Yeah these are for surface modelling like in max or maya. It could be simple or complex depending on the time frame. Basically i have to submit rates for european clients not US. So how much to charge in Euros?
So want to know the hourly rate for a professional and experience 3d modeller.

Please guys i need your advice. Help me out.

instead of just shutting the new kid down with the old “well it depends, n00b” answer…

are you just not wanting to tell someone what you charge or what you’ve managed to charge, for what YOU do?

kiddo, its not uncommon for freelancers to be pretty tight-lipped about this sort of thing.

if you really want to know, call a placement agency, ask what they can possibly GET for you doing that sort of work, and figure that someone that has the balls to go get that work all on their own can charge about double that rate, but pays a bit more in FICA withholdings.

or, take a job, and use your superior social skills to get this information out of your co-workers (freelance or contract jobs are what I’m talking about here, not fulltime jobs)

in the process, you will likely either lie about how much you are making, or have someone lie to you about how much THEY are making.

you’ll figure it out sooner or later, what you can charge.

I’ve answered that question on this forum a few times already (easy to do when you’ve been a regular and a moderator for most of the last five years). However, he was emphatic regarding this question being specific to European clients and for Euros. I don’t have any European clients. I don’t charge in Euros. Hence I didn’t bother to repeat the U.S.-based information I’ve previously posted.

However, you were free to answer the question… but noticed you didn’t. Also noticed no one else jumped in.

Next time, instead of just assuming I was “just shutting the new kid down”, why not just do it yourself and keep your comments limited to that.


p.s. And no, I wasn’t lying when I previously posted my numbers.