3D modeling software for a Mac

I am looking for a good 3d modeling program for a Macintosh. I need it for doing product design, so I will need to be able to create compound/complex curves and be capable of creating “beautiful (impress the client)” renderings. I will also need to be able to send the files out to have dies and molds created from them, so this program must have the ability to work with specific dimensions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you using an Intel Mac? If so just install Windows and use a windows based cad package.

There are a select few applications available for the Power PC based mac (Ashlar Vellum Cobalt, Maya) but really the PC dominates all professional CAD packages.

Rhino for OSX is in public beta mode as we speak. hopefully it should be ready in about in 7 months time. I finally have a reason to burn my copy of windows.