3D Modeling & Rendering Section?

Hello All,
I wanted to suggest a section under ‘skills’ for 3d modeling and rendering.
I know the ‘software and technology’ section seems like it addresses this are but I’ve found it to be more of a place focused on discussion of these tools rather than actually sharing and showing work, tips, trick, skills ect. This new section would be more devoted to nicely modeled and rendered eye candy and explanations on how to achieve similar results .

Maybe a thread within ‘software and technology’ to show off people’s modeling and rendering chops is in order as opposed to a whole section.


If you make a thread about modelling techniques, people can post in it. Don’t need a new forum for that.

I think a lot of the real render jockeys visit and post over at CG Society anyways. I recommend giving them a look if you haven’t.

Well lets just get it started.

here is one of my quick visualization renderings