3D modeling array question

When working in Rhino, I am aware of the array surface command which allows the type of model that the screenshot conveys. But does anyone know how to create an array like this pink ball of ammo where everything is correctly spaced? Just trying to figure some things out.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

there are also
array on a surface
array along a curve

without opening rhino, i assume you could rotate a couple of circles around a sphere of the same diameter and array the objects on those curves?

Thanks Bbard,

Yea I used the arraysrf command to get it to where it is now but as you can see it doesnt create the desired effect…although close.

Anyone else, any idea?

Try your array command on a smaller sphere.

Go to your front view, Start Array Command, Select the object, For the base point choose in the center of the sphere, Drag up and and click for your normal. That Should do it. You may want to make your initial shape with a curve instead of a cylinder.

Good Luck!

Brian, I am still not able to product the desired effect, it comes out looking like a flower with a concentrated center. What values do you use for U and V directions. Is there any way you can show me a more in depth way that you created your shape?

Thanks alot!