3D model linework

Looking for an efficient way to take 3D data and render it as a line drawing. Have been using hidden line in alias, but not ideal as all edge lines appear, and requires substantial photoshop work to get it to read right. Used the vector exporter in Maya a couple years ago, and this worked well, but dont know if the equivelent exists in Alias Studio or Solidworks. I have heard Flamingo (or penguin or botox or one of their 13 renderers) has a decent toon exporter as well, but never used.

Any thoughts/info would be greatly appreciated.

What is the end purpose of your linework?

i.e. Production drawings, or “sketchy artwork” looking drawings, or ??

in solidworks (using photoworks) you can choose to render only the object, object and contour lines or only contour lines…

Most often auxilary views to show operation or details. Picture a nice rendered 3d main shot, then some smaller BW “sketches” to the side. We arent looking for a “sketchy” look per se, just a way to be more informative than visual. Rather than show a highlight at a part line, just put the line in. Picture old school razor point skecthes done with sweeps and such.

Alias’ hidden line works well, you just have to adjust line weights and detail after the fact.