3D Model - 360 degree view

Hi guys.

Ive got a model (well several actually) but i want people to be able to see it in 3D, ive seen this in clothes stores etc, but never actually know how to make it completely from scratch.

Does anyone know how I can use a program to view all around a 3D model, viewable in a browser? Complete with materials and lighting etc?

Any help much appreciated guys :smiley:

Alias ImageStudio will do Quicktime VRโ€™s. quite good but takes hours!

different options. most require a browser plugin.

x3d (formerly vrml) is one option. just got email on x3d plugin for maya yesterday. havent used. and not sure if all browsers have plugins ready. iโ€™ve used vrml in the past. most apps export. works fine. but have to know triangles, uv maps and skinning.

shockwave another. maya exports it. i think a few others do as well. planning to try soon.

viewpoint has a Media Player now. used to be simple 3d viewer. not sure what it is now. viewer was okay. but just another browser plugin. limited support for exporting too.

wildtangent is still around. think it was an activeX viewer. suspect the viewer is dead since activeX is portal for virus entry (they still do the game thing tho).

blendo is newer i think. activeX also. seems more targeted. not sure if it will survive with Real and others adding 3D support in the future.

theres more. but those come to mind.

There is a product called Cult3d designer. It allows you to create interactive 3d content complete with animated features. It is currently available for max, maya, and VIZ. I have also head of a similar product that works with Solidworks, however I have never been able to locate it, nor has my reseller ever aquired the information for me.

YKH is very knowlegable in Maya and could most likely assit you in translating any data to Maya.

For a sample of what Cult3d can do go to this site, and simply click on a product. (You might have to download the view first.)

To animate the features click on the Japanese text on the leftside of the model window. Have fun.

Do down load Cult3d designer or exporter go to this site.

Ok this is exactly what im lookinf to do

See the orange shop website?

How can i create this?


forgot about Cult3D. and reminds me of Pulse3D. wonder what happened to that one.

that Handspring demo is really basic. it uses a Java script accessing the Blaze3D engine. go here to find more -


theres a few Java-based OpenGL 3D engines out. Java VR was only bright spot for awhile. probably have to really pay for it. some have a freebie version and then commercial and enterprise versions.

Cult3D made big splash then kinda fizzled. same with Pulse3D. not sure but think theyโ€™re activeX so only MS Windows. and virus prone.

Java is nice way to go. no plugins. but you pay for the ones that are nice. Blaze3D is one of a few out there. if you have the software and the plugin, Shockwave is probably better since its everywhere and powerful. X3D might break through and its both free and part of the whole WWW consortium. its part of the HTML/XML upgrade. expect it in the next round of browsersโ€ฆ maybe. and it will do things those Java apps wont.

but you should know most models are not CAD. theyโ€™re more like game models. can export a pro/e but skinning would be a bitch. better to build a new model and unwrap it.

try this list links:
and absolutely this site For their free softwares working in 3dsmax: