3D Mannequin or human body for Rhino

Hey everyone,

I am designing a hydration backpack and need a 3d mannequin or human body (adult male) to finish the project. I will use the body to bend my product appropriately around the human contours.

Does anyone have a resource for this, or could you email me a file? I need it very quickly, as the project is now stalemating trying to find one.

email is adamscotthammerman@gmail.com

thanks a bunch!

Don’t rely on some CAD model of a human to design a ergonomic backpack. Take some pictures of real people and use their profile to gather the curvature. Or use Henry Dreyfuss Measure of Man.

Better yet, build a prototype and rely on people.

Just because something fits nicely to something in 3D doesn’t mean it might not deform, put pressure in the wrong spots, etc.