3D in Toronto-Ca

Hi all!

I´d like to know more about the 3d market in Toronto, Ca .
Is there anybody here in this field? I mean, for a person who works more than 5 years, with Maya , programming in MEL, and Holdini for Tv and movie films. I mean, how is the video market, if it´s hot or seasonal…the movie market…something like that…

thank you

vanessa lobo

1st post some pics of yourself and let us rate you

recommend you head to CGTalk.com and use that forum.

This is kind of off topic, but… Toronto sucks. I lived there for a while but had to leave because the people there generally have attitude problems. Its the case of ‘We are the center of the World’ way of thinking.

Oh, wait. I was in somewhere in the U.S.

Sorry about the mix up. Rock on, eh.