3D Flash...

Just came across this GREAT site…not sure how they got the code in Flash to make things move in 3D (intro).

Anyone have any ideas???

The rest is very nice with alot of interactivity and solid branding. Really refreshing to see some nice creativity for a change.

Check it out…


you can do almost anything in flash with actionscript providing you know how to code

WOW! I just spent 20 minutes browsing through their site-very cool


export 3D anims to Flash. it’s built into some apps. plugins available for others.

Prior to being completely negative I’ll be slightly constructive.

There are a couple of interesting looking products here. (All shown on the splash page)

Now that we have that out of the way- The rest of this site has claims that seem waaaaay to good to be true.

Most of the products shown are renderings and not real photos of finished work. Many of the examples also show the product - but list the client as “confidential”. What kind of client lets you post images of their product prior to release but won’t let you use their name?

Speaking of clients…Clicking on “experience” brings up a laundry list of Fortune 500 companies and leaders in consumer products. -Yet none of the portfolio work shown is from them.

If you have worked for Maytag, Mercedes, Microsoft, Motorola (That’s just the M’s)
why would you show their work in your portfolio?

Visiting the “people” area brings up descriptions of 7 or 8 positions complete with very impressive educational credentials - but with no names?
Only the president, founder, inventor is actually gets listed. Everyone else is just a title and a Master degree…

Does this not seem fishy to anyone??

dude, ID is as close to snake oil sales as it gets.