3D Connexion devices

Anybody use any of the 3D Connexion devices for SolidWorks, Studio, or ProE? I’m curious to know if it is worthwhile and which one is the best for the $$$. Here’s the link:

i’ve used the navigator with solidworks and studio. i haven’t mapped the buttons to any particular functions so i’ve only really explored it as a view manipulation tool. as such i found it more useful in solidworks because the view tools really suck relative to studio’s, at least for me.

i haven’t had long term love with any tertiary input device beyond the keyboard and mouse. after awhile i get tired of switching to the navigator just to tumble the camera around. if i mapped the buttons then i might think otherwise.

the only use at the moment is for other people without cad experience to view my models. they generally have an easier time manipulating the navigator than using the keyboard and mouse simultaneously.

bought the Space Explorer and have used it for a short while now… Works really well, and very intuitive for orienting the model. Seems better for SolidWorks than Alias Studio. Studio requires using the shift, alt, and control keys for snaps and marking menus, which means moving the left hand back and forth between the Space Explorer and the keyboard. I set up a couple cusom keys for SolidWorks and I’m really loving it! Seems worth the $$$ if you use SW alot…