3D CAD & Rendering Software for Macs?

Any good suggestions for 3D CAD & Rendering software for Mac?

I’ve been on a PC for several years using Rhino, my company switched to Macs for all their designers. I need to do quick (not water-tight) models of consumer products, apply textures and patterns I’m making in Adobe Illustrator and create renderings for presentations.

I would probably stick to Rhino running Parallel desktop. Grasshopper also runs fine on it by the way.
There is a beta Rhino for mac now as well, I haven’t tested it because I needed Grasshopper which is not available for Mac.

Alternatively I heard Alias is a good surface modelling environment.
For a bit cheaper option there’s Solidthinking. It’s been in the news for the structural optimization functionality that cuts away material where it’s not needed. I don’t know about the modelling capabilities, it seems to be delivering good results but I haven’t seen the modelling process…

I run Rhino on Mac at work and it works great. Unless you’re going to be adding Grasshopper or other plugins you should expect to see most of the features. There are some things missing, like Applying Surface Displacement but other wise I can get most done it.

As far as rendering I’d recommend Keyshot based on my experience.

Do you have a specific budget you’re looking to hit?

Modo All the way…100%. It’s native OSX and kicks azz across the board. And IMO Mesh Fusion/Schematics kicks Grasshoppers…(depending on what you’re doing)

now i see more and more product implement cool patterns (like fuseproject leaf lamp) do they use grasshopper or model it one by one manually?

MOI is available on Mac’s.

The two examples you reference are done manually. Regular repetitions.