3D CAD Product design - The death of the marker pen!

Any Designers that have burned their marker pens?

I have, 3D CAD is the way!

You must be working in US

Why? The poor grammar?

I still prefer markers for quick concept representation. CAD is for later stages.

I’m a huge fan of Verithin colored pencils. Never have been very good with marker to be quite honest.

Being a good sketcher is still a big part of being a designer.

I do miss the fumes for Charpack markers though.


I hate when a marker gets dry, so I do a lot of color pencils, markers are for rich, pencils, for the rest of us

I use copic markers and use refills. You may think copic markers or tria are expensive, but they are not if you use them the way they are intended. If you order the refills in the US, they cost about a dollar more than the marker, but can last you at least 5~7 times, which means you pay $12 for 8 times the amount you will use for a non-refillable such as prisma. The nibs are interchangable too and they offer a wide range of styles, although I only use the default ones.

I cannot imagine myself sitting infront of the computer trying to resolve my design in CAD. It just doesn’t work for me. I can sketch the object in any angle rapidly to aid the visualization in my mind. If I were to do it in CAD, I have to make those changes first, and too much limitations. Furthermore I will be thinking more about what I can’t do with the software than what I can do.

Use Solidworks, it’s just as quick as markers.

I don’t burn my markets, I sniff them.

oops- markers not markets.

Not as versatile. If I want to create a “fluidy” form quickly, I think sketching will be quicker.

If you know solidworks like I do, you can create “fluidy” quickly.

CAD is just a tool just as markers, both are part of a process so I consider we should give them both their right place, cos they both have a place.
I enjoy both a lot.

Well said! I agree.

“I do miss the fumes for Charpack markers though.”

i second that.