3 Years Glasgow School Of Art OR 4 Years undergrad in US?


I am from India and have just finished my Mechanical Engineering. Though I have done engineering,
my interests lie more in the Art arena which is why I wish to pursue Product Design as a career.

I have secured admission in the Glasgow School of Art for the Product Design course.
In the Glasgow School of Art I have the option of doing a 3 years bachelors, 4 years bachelors with honours, 5 years master.
In the 5 years masters I get to go to colleges in France and Italy for 1 year each.
I really like the course curriculum at GSA.
The other choice I have is to join a bachelors course in US such as Center for Creative Studies, Cleveland Institute,
Ohio State University, Cincinnatti University etc. These would be 4 years bachelors. I would be starting this spring. I do not know whether I would be able to get in better schools such as RISD. I would be grateful if you could have a look at my portfolio on skambe.tripod.com as this would give you an idea of the kind of design education I am looking for and my capabilities.

I like the student portfolios of US colleges better but I would have to spend an extra year in the US to finish my bachelors.
The Glasgow option would give me a European exposure. Would you be able to guide me to a college which would give me a strong design foundation?

I would really appreciate your views in this matter.
It would help me immensely in making my decision.
Here is the link for the combined Bachelors and Masters in European Design course at Glasgow if you wish to see it. http://www.gsa.ac.uk/gsa.cfm?pid=134

Thanking you.

Siddharth Kambe