3 Things Every Designer MUST Have...(from dexodesign)

Ripped from http://www.dexodesign.com/2009/02/26/3-things-every-designer-must-have/

1) The ability to influence (e.g. to influence product direction, strategy, design decisions and buy-in, etc.)
2) Good prioritization skills (e.g. know what to do and when)
3) Passion for their work!

I have to agree with the list as selling the idea/design is as important as the design itself. I think it helps ease influence once you have to earned the trust and respect of your stakeholders…sometimes this is a more important priority in certain organisations…like big ones.

Many times a designers job is to look into the future and pull it into the now. Since many others you work with either fear the future entirely, or have no idea what it might hold, it becomes necessary to develop some serious communication skills. The scary part is after you convince everyone to go your direction! Its the “Oh shit I hope I’m right” part of the job.

I also think if you do not have complete passion for designing you have no business being a designer. Or your job totally sucks.

humility, persistence, courage.

caffiene caffiene and more caffiene

A job, a life, a dream!

:bulb: :laughing:

Single-malt Scotch (the peaty-er the better),
water (just a tablespoon),
and an “Old Fashioned” glass (to be civilized).

After those have been furnished:

A few felt-tipped pens (in various states of decay)
a newsprint pad,
and “my” chair (in a very comfortable state of decay).

humility, persistence, courage.

Well said Zip.

I would add: a thick skin, and a good sense of humor.