3 days left!! San Francisco or San Jose State

Hey Guys,

I know I know, no one’s graduated from both programs and everyone is biased, but if anyone could help me gain more insight into these schools, it would be really helpful.
My decision was pretty much set, until SF State decided at the last minute (today) to accept me into their BS in Industrial Design.
Are they both similar enough or is one of them out of the park “better” than the other. Also for internships as I understand it, SJ has a requirement for it, so I would assume they help you find internships. As for SF I would imagine there would be plenty of ID opportunities at the various studios/companies in the city.
Lastly, is an ID program really dependent on you and your work, or will I be greatly hindered by a lackluster program, because if they’re about equal I think I would go for SF because I like the idea of being closer to San Francisco

Thanks for reading this, and I’d really appreciate your input

I know this is old but I was wondering where you are right now what what school you went to. Just curious.