3 axis CNC router - manufacturing?

Hi all,

My company has recently launched our own line of furniture and we are in the process of moving from all in-house manufacturing to outsourcing. Our process is much in the same spirit (but definitely not design) as context furniture.

We have been looking for contract CNC people for a while now and have been very frustrated by extremely varied pricing and quality. It seems like everyone is either some old retiree in a workshop, or a huge outfit with no time for low volume production that we need.

Can anyone help us with some options for CNC guys who are quality and won’t kill us on the price (it seems like on average, $50-125 per sheet is the reasonable range we have been getting so far) and if possible, people who would also be interested in either rough assembly or in full-process assembly and finishing?

We are located in Raleigh, NC so anywhere in the mid-atlantic would be really good options for us.


i worked in charlotte up until last year. i will check my cards for something like that.

Hi noen,

Have you ever thought about out-sourcing those CNC parts in China? I think this will reduce quite a lot of your costs for sure! If you are interested in this, you may send me a private message. We would be pleased to do those small volume CNC parts for you at my CNC workshop of my factory.

Awaiting your answers!

we’ve thought about out-sourcing, and actually have ties with several manufacturers in China, but right now we don’t have the volume or the lead times for it to make financial sense for us.

mostly we just want to keep it local for quality control, and so we can quickly introduce new models and work out production kinks.

Oh, I see! But usually we finished those prototypes and sent them out in 7 days. What about the situation in your place?

I have some friends in Wilmington that have all their furniture made in Brazil… might be an angle there

ShopBots are made in Durham NC too. You know, they are the 4 x 8 CNC tablet routers. I think one could be had for around $5k, you might want to look into that too

Good luck!

I’ve never had anything done by these guys, but it might be worth a look!