2weeks in Europe: design itinerary?

I’ll be in Europe for two weeks in May.
So far I’m thinking of hitting up London, Paris, Barcelona
but nothings concrete yet.
Any tips/suggestions for a design oriented itinerary?
(Rome seems tempting too, but I only have so much time…and so much money :wink:)


thers some cool stuff in barcelona. check out the Gaudi apartments. In the attic there is a exhibition about the design of the arches. Make sure you go when it isnt raining so you can get on the roof and see the sculptures. In amsterdam theres a nicelittle glass restaurant on top of a toweer. not sure ehat its called but you can go up there and see all the new bits of houses bolted onto the tops of the old buildings. You can go to some coffee shops and check out the unusual bong designs. Probably the most ‘different’ product design you will find about. Amsterdam has about a million shoe shops so If youre interested in shoe design its a good place to see some different trainers. The olimpic village in barcelona has some cool architexture.

the tate in london, the design museum is close by, the natural history museum in london…

the wine and girls of spain!