2nd year portfolio crit

Hi guys

I’ve just finished my second year at university studying Industrial design. I’m currently on placement so I have some time to refresh my portfolio without any short term time constraints so I was just wondering if any of you guys could offer some advice one how I could improve on what I already have?

My Coroflot is www.coroflot.com/daveking91

and I’ve also uploaded the print version to Issuu David King Portfolio by Dave King - Issuu

Any advice would be great, just be brutally honest. I have another placement period next year so I want to get it refreshed by then!


Impressive for a second year Dave!

Hi Dave

Really impressive portfolio !
Almost covered everything, really like the way you have done the teaser posters and advertisement !
Would like to see more of user, user problems, analysis, opportunity identification which could help validate the final design solving all the issues you mention

Keep it up !