2D rendering in Illustrator!!!

Hi everyone,

I’m been offered a product design position, and they want me to learn 2D rendering in Illustrator ASAP!

Do you know any good links or tutorials?

No luck in searching or googling (too much 3D Illustrator CS stuff)


Computer Arts magazine has free tutorials online and you can get their magazine at most Borders or B&N, just be prepared for the $15 dollar price tag.

I recently started doing print work experiments with Illustrator CS2 and it’s really easy. To practice, get a photo of something similar to what you want to draw and paste it in a new drawing. Then you can either A) use live trace to convert it into vectors and then play with colors and patterns or B) lock in on the bottom layer and trace shapes and patterns on top of it.

You can usually do everything in Illustrator but sometimes when you get close to the end you can set your crop marks, export out as a TIFF, and make final changes in photoshop.

I always enjoyed the “Illustrator WOW! Book” series.

Thanks everyone.

TechVector is amazing!

I found some useful links:


I’ll post some of my attempts soon.

Some tutorials on puretom.com!