2D Patterns -to 3D Simulation

Howdy Gang,

In my new role I’ve began to dive more into softgoods. Since I’m still wrapping my head around the “origami” aspect of folding I was wondering if anyone knew of any software or plugins where I can essentially take my 2D line work and simulate the folds in 3D?

Any insight would be awesome.



Although I have never used them, there are plug-ins for bending sheet metal. I can’t think of a reason as to why that would be different. Just google “name of software” + “sheet metal”.

I use Solidworks sheet metal for when i need to do packaging design - build the model then “unfold” it and you have the 2d pattern with bend lines, cut’s and radi… don’t know how this would work for “softgoods” as there are no seems to weld like sheet metal.

Also did a quick google search and found this specific for softgoods…


looks like it will be available for SW2014…

ooooo…it looks like that second one has a rhino plugin as well!

Hey Chevis,

Thanks for the tips. It looks like you can only do Straight or angled lines in the Sheet Metal Command in SW. Also the lines cannot be intersecting…Bummer.

Those are all neat plugins to go from 3D to 2D. Any thoughts on the opposite?

The goal is to mimic complex bends in foam to see how it would lay on a body.

2D to 3D

Could go old school with paper and an adjustable burnisher. Maybe even faster.

Thanks iab! Thats what I’m currently doing - sans a burnisher :slight_smile: - May need to pick one up

I find a cutting mat under the paper has the right give to make a good fold line from the burnisher. That steel ball will easily indent your wood desk. Laminates are a little too hard.