2D and 3D Interior Design Software

Hello to everyone!

I am delighted to present to you the Antipodes Media Ltd. new product - 3D Spacer.

3D Spacer is an on- and offline interior design tool. Based on sophisticated technologies such as Macromedia Flash, XML, 2D and 3D CAD, it provides for a precise 2D arrangement of furniture and accurate 3D vizualization of the design.

3D Spacer is aimed primarily at furniture manufacturers and interior design professionals, who want to demonstrate their furnture or design solutions either online or offline in showrooms etc. Because of the extremely user-friendly interface and simple navigation, customers can design their interior in just a few minutes of excitement.

Our client portfolio consist already of large international companies in the office and bathroom interior design area. You can try out 3D Spacer FREE demos on our official website - http://www.3dspacer.com

I will be pleased to receive any comments and/or questions about 3D Spacer.

Best regards,

Ivan Michael
Product Manager
Antipodes Media Ltd.
E-mail: i.michael@3dspacer.com
Tel.: +359 2 9626 940

How is it better/different from Giza which is pretty much the industry standard?

Hi nydesignguy,

Both the differences and the advantages of 3D Spacer are numerous.

  1. GIZA is a CAD software. It is not possible in any way for it to be available online and to let customers design their interior with the furniture of certain manufacturer in real-time on the manufacturer’s website. 3D Spacer is available online (see http://www.ort-officefurniture.com/2004/home.htm) and offline.

  2. 3D Spacer is way more simple and easy-to-use software. Just a glance at the 2D mode of both programs reveals that.

  3. The system requirements speak for themselves:

GIZA: * Processor: Intel Pentium® III 500 MHz or comparable AMD processor

  • Operating System: Windows® NT4 SP3, 2000, or XP
  • RAM: 256MB or more
  • Security Device: 25-pin printer port (paralled port) or USB port
  • Video Card: SVGA graphics card with 8 MB video memory Java Virtual Machine
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB or more free disk space
  • CD-ROM Drive: 32X or faster

    3D Spacer: OS Independant
    Pentium 400 MHz or more with 128 MB RAM or more
    • Macromedia Flash 6 or higher
    • Netscape Navigator 4+ or Internet Explorer 4+ or Opera 5+ browser
    • CD-ROM (for 3DSpacer off-line versions)
    • Java VM (for 3DSpacer off-line versions)
    And about 300mb of free disc space (off-line version)

    I won’t continue with these differentiations. Insted I must note that there is no sound basis for comparison between a CAD program and 3D Spacer. CAD programs are for architects and designers within a company to design interior solutions. 3D Spacer is based on Flash and it serves the customers themselves to design interiors ON THEIR OWN, whether online or offline in showrooms, stores etc.

If you have any additional questions I would be glad to answer.



It was me, Michael_i, that replied to you nydesignguy but there seems to have been some problem with my registration…

Hi again,

I just wanted to note that we introduced a promotion of 50% discount of the licensing price for the first kitchen furniture manufacturer that purchases 3D Spacer.

If anyone’s interested please contact me either by phone or email,