2D-3D bicycle graphics problem


Here’s my bike – graphics problem. I’m looking to wrap ½ of the headtube with the “Rising Sun” image. In other words, I want to wrap , length wise, ½ a cylinder with a rising sun image.

The rub is that I want the rising sun image to look correct (rays looking straight) when viewed from the side.

Therefore the 2D image, before wrapping the cylinder, would be warped to compensate for the cylinder’s curvature. So my question is how do I warp the image so it looks ‘right’ when on the headtube?

Is it possible to do this in Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Vectorworks (CAD)? I have these programs, but far from an expert in them. Is there a plug-in that does this?

I have been playing around with surfaces in Vectorworks, cutting a 180 degree acr/surface with the Rising Sun image and then trying to flatten the surface, but so far it has not panned out as planned.

I figure this must be a somewhat standard packaging-graphics problem and therefore has been solved.

Thanks for any help that you can offer.

I haven’t done this myself in the past…but the way I would try it with the tools i have is:

  1. Create a 2D vector outline of the image you want to project onto the bike. ( I would use Illustrator)
  2. Model the bike in 3D using a sheet metal feature (I would use pro/e)
  3. import the 2D vector graphics and project the lines onto the surface you just created.
  4. Trim the surface using the resulting curves.
  5. Unwrap the surface using the sheet metal feature
  6. create a 2D outline of the resulting flat surface
  7. warp your original graphic to fit within the new outline, or recreate the artwork yourself with the new outline as a guide.

I have no idea if it will work cleanly or not…but you never know if you will fail until you try :wink:

The reason it’s warping is because you’re trying to use a planar projection rather than a cylindrical projection. A cylindrical projection will wrap the image properly and take into account the radius of the tube.

I have never used vectorworks so I’m unaware of if it supports that feature, but it’s a fairly standard setting for most programs with rendering support.