23 Year Old

I’m a 23 year old med student taking the year off to seriously re-evaluate my options in terms of how difficult/viable it would be for me to pursue product design at this point in my life. I took a 7 year fast-track from high school to med school so I felt very much stuck with medicine, my passion for it slowly dying out over time.

My question is, have any of you tried to pursue product design when you were older (perhaps had tried other avenues of study)? How would the process be different in applying to schools like University of Cincinatti (undergrad obviously)? I wouldn’t be a high schooler or a transfer student (All I have at this point is a BA in biology [specialized in physiology]).

this happens all the time, there are lots of posts here about it, just do a search.
If you go to DAAP you wouldn’t be the oldest undergrad, but you’d have to be comfortable in that 20’ish environment.