2024 Toyota Tacoma

No doubt thew Toyota Tacoma will sell like hot cakes. They are teasing a few images and I thought this removable speaker was a nice touch.

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Holy crap what a head-smacker.

I didn’t know shitty audio was now a “feature” people wanted.

I’d like to flip up the back seats and pull out the boombox with dual 12" woofers!


@slippyfish When I was at Sound United we did some similar concepts for Jeep/Polk collaboration that never came to fruition. During and after SU I did some work with Harmon, who makes more than half of the audio systems in cars, no mater what brand it is, B&O, B&W, etc… pretty much everything except Bose), and they were doing some cool things with directional drivers all gathered in the top of the IP unit to consolidate electronics and have less wiring all around the car. This looks like they made that tech a removable unit which is really cool. Always great to see companies trying things.

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Assuming all the individual speakers were inductively charged it probably simplifies some things for the vehicle’s complexity. We worked with Harman for about 18 months, deal fell through but we were talking with Royce, their design director who you probably know from that engagement. Yeah mind-blowing how many products they were building for their own brands and others.

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Yah, some of the stuff the labs are working on is pretty amazing! True R&D.

I was curious about the exterior and found this supposedly leaked Brazilian patent drawing. Those dimpled-in fender flares will be a nice complement to any overland accessorizing.

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good find @shaggy , that pretty much looks exactly like the EV Tacoma concept they showed a little while back, which makes sense.

The wheel flare trim not going all the way down the body side is such an odd trend that both Subarau and Toyota are doing on almost everything. it seems like this would expose sheet metal exactly where you would want to protect it, no?

I have Tacoma 2022 and don’t want to change it…

The only constant is change :smiling_face:

Yeah noticed that. It seems to inject some energy to the wheel well, that maybe wouldn’t be there if the black trim went over all the metal. My internal voice says ‘pincher’.

Now I can’t unsee. I’ll have to make a Toyota line-up, side views, comparing this VBL detail across their portfolio (Highlander mushy, Tundra more metal), and we can all debate what it means.

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Kristina pointed it out to me on one of their vehicles and was like “what’s with the crab claws around the wheels?”… yup. Can’t unsee it :rofl: :crab:

Still going to sell like crazy no matter what! The Tacoma is well loved.

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Never look for logic in anything Subaru has done aesthetically in the past 10 years or so. They’re such a mess, and this is just more of the same.

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Do you see those Subaru ads that go, “Love: its what makes a Subaru - a Subaru”.
A face only a mother could love. And a side, and a rear.
All designed by different designers, none of them talking to each other.
That said, I wish we kept my mother in law’s SVX.

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I still love the SVX. It was only ever an automatic I think though right? It is pretty rare to see one these days! I used to see a guy around town some times with a well worn green one when I lived in San Diego.