2022 Subaru WRX


Looks like a de-hatched Crosstrek. And those fenders are making those wheels look really really small…

It’s like they asked non-car people what they think car enthusiasts want. Very weird in a bad way.

Subaru is doing some weird stuff on their fenders lately. This is the Outback Wilderness trim.

Yeah it’s weird. But the WRX has always been an ugly car, not saying it didn’t have potential but the Lamborghini shaped plastic fender cladding makes it feel much more aligned to Crosstrek sedan life than street-racing.

“With its dramatically flared fenders, menacing front grille, and athletic stance, the all-new 2022 WRX wears its rally heritage on its sleeve. Our engineers drew upon decades of motorsport experience to both tune the performance features and shape the bold exterior design, referencing its racing history while creating the next evolution of the WRX”

Failing to see how all this hooey actually relates to their rally heritage. Here’s hoping the STI trim isn’t an equal bummer. Maybe they’re positioning to kill of the Legacy and this covers both audiences?

Yikes! I looks like the design team watched Mad Max: Fury Road too many times!

peak Subaru:

Produced in both sedan and wagon body styles, the ‘Blitzen’ model was the result of a collaboration between Subaru and Porsche Design. With every aesthetic component (exterior and interior, especially the body kit and speciality ‘wang’) designed by Porsche, other notable features included the inclusion of Aisin Seiki’s newly-developed sequential automatic gearbox: a first for any Subaru model. Models received the EZ30 engine, with model refreshes given throughout the course of its production from 2000-2003 which largely were exterior updates.

YES. Gimme that wagon right now.

Drop in some LED lights and it’s ready to go :slight_smile:

‘Blitzen’! Takes me back to my earliest Gran Turismo game days (and nights).

Does that WRX come with the vape pen or is that a sporty option?

My joke/insult especially to my Subaru driving PNW design colleagues is that teams of designers work on Subaru exteriors, but each person designs one elevation - front, side, back - and they never meet to discuss where the lines and forms should meet.

Those wheels look pretty OK.

I haven’t watched a lot of rally lately, but I can’t recall ever seeing weirdly shaped grey fender extensions on any of them.

That Blitzen was when Subbie jumped the shark. They always had the almost unique flat engines, but they also had pillarless doors and the automatic hill brake and some other oddballl stuff that I can’t recall off the top of my head. Now they are AWD Camry with ugly fenders. What a pity…

VIZIV concept / actual product:

If they’d done those larger wheels, would have been a bit more successful.

Not as much of a car person here, but I do like how they make it a distinct Subaru instead of trying to emulate Kia like all the others.

The only things that irk me are that dip in the shoulder crease and the way the bumper plastic tries to lick the eyeball on the Outback version.

I almost admire the design intention. The idea of the plastic fenders emphasizes the cars rally routes, and with it’s stock stance, the design seems to capitalize on the current trend of “Safari-ing” everything from 911s to mazda miatas. As with everything, the devils in the details, and the hexagonal cut-outs look bizarre on the street car, and the tacky air vent on the front fenders makes it look like a cheap toy.

Subaru WRXs have never been the prettiest girls at the dance, but I’m curious to see what this looks like in person, and to see what tuners do when they get their hands on them.

The GR Yaris recently won another “car of the year” award and I realized, that’s what the WRX should be. It’s a weird looking Japanese car, but there is little plastic cladding and the body has been honed to go fast. I’ve been looking for a car recently and am looking at GTI, Focus ST, Elantra GT. WRX should be there, but it just looks like a cheap dumpy car. Kinda ridiculous considering that they spun it off into its own model…


That Integra is an affront to ocular integrity. I’d take the Civic over the rest.

For sure. The Civic is the best looking of the group. In person that car is really big though! I thought it was an Accord when I saw one! Also, 50k is a lot to pay for a 200hp sedan. For a little more you can get an Audi S3 with AWD and 300hp.