2022 IDSA conference in Seattle

Anyone else going to be there?

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more info: https://www.internationaldesignconference.com

Hi - Both Allison F and myself will be there representing Core77 - see you in Seattle!

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Looking forward to it @Stucon !!!

I’ll be there! Excited to be back in person!

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be sure to say hi!

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A few more attendees and we will have enough to justify a Core77 meetup. Can we get a few more to chime in?

Darnit, I can’t but couple of my team will be attending.
@Stucon we met all the way back at the C77 conference in LAX, that was a good time.

I know Hector Silva, Jordan Nollman, and Spencer Nugent will all be there along with a bunch of other friends… Getting a lot of texts. I think people are excited to get together.

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Yes I remember - that was a fun event. I’ll post something here about a meetup later and make sure to tell your teammates about it.

Tactile Design is going to be having a pretty big party.

The crew at Advanced Design are also throwing something

I’m attending Seattle Meetup. Would you like to attend?

It’s nice to be in Seattle. I don’t get up here often.

Welcome to town, Yo, Stucon, and others.

I’m going to try to hit some of the peripheral events, but can’t make the full conference. Hope to see the Core-ites around town. Is there a Core meet-up scheduled yet (or is Core hijacking Advanced Design’s meetup?).

Looking forward to seeing some folks in person!

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Day one notes and quotes:

  1. “I started off a dreamer, but I didn’t dream big enough” - D’Wayne Edwards, founder of The Pensole Lewis Academy and my former boss from Jordan

  2. “Design contributes more value than it gets” - Angela Yeh, founder of Yeh Ideology

  3. “Unless you expect someone to turn a screw, don’t show them one” - Tim Hulford of Meta

  4. “Design with, not for” - Lindsay Malatesta of REI and UnifID

  5. “Be the person who opens up the door for someone different than you” - Ayako Takase of RISD and Observatory Design

  6. “When a door opens, break it so it stays open for everyone else!” - D’Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole Lewis

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Seattle is a great town - so much to see and do and eat here! Nice collection of quotes from Yo from day 1 of the conference. A really great collection of presentations and projects. Everyone is happy to be gathered together again after a few years of Zooming. Energy in the room is great!


nice shots!

What have been everyone’s favorite presentations? I wasn’t able to make it this year but am trying to catch as much virtually as possible (though I know it’s not the same) and will probably go back and see some that I’ve missed.

D’Wayne Edward’s presentation on his path to becoming a footwear designer and then founding a design school was awesome.

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Some other pics from the conference. It was nice to hang with @Stucon and @AFonder@hectorsilvajr, Spencer Nugent, @pjbowers , @Norio_Fujikawa, @IDiot, @Anson_Cheung, @churu, @KnackDesignStudio, Kevin Bethune, @clayv0n, @Anmol_Sarin , @GivingGravity and so many other old friends… the conversation of how the boards used to be came up a lot. Three late nights in a row was more than I’ve had in a few years…

Also, they had a Rivian Amazon delivery van there for us to check out :slight_smile: