2022 Detroit Auto Show images

This article has a good wrap up of all the announcements

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These guys stood out:

Someone needs to hit them up with a design proposal.

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was thinking the same thing :wink:

Is it me or does the new Mustang look older than the one it is replacing?




I don’t know about older, that 2021 Hyundai Elantra rear end is pretty new :smiley:

It does look like a pretty ho hum refresh (which it is). It’s a pity that the line may end on such a dull thud.

… the Elantra has a much nicer back end!

We were behind a new Elantra the other night and Kristina asked “is that a Hyundai?”

I’ll say this much, the Elantra is more cohesive. It’s a weird one though. It reminds me of the last Honda Civic in that I can’t decide if it’s ugly or dynamic. I do find myself looking at it longer than other cars, so it accomplished the goal of standing out.

If it wasn’t for these little fangs it would be great.