2019 IDSA IDC: J Mays giving keynote

Anyone else planning on going to the IDSA IDC in Chicago, August 21 - 23? I’m pretty pumped that J Mays will be giving the keynote. I heard hime speak in 2004 I think, back in his early Ford days when he had just published the book Retrofuturism.

get tickets and what not: https://www.internationaldesignconference.com

speaker list: https://www.internationaldesignconference.com/presenters

I’ll be giving a talk on Design Language Systems, what are they, how to make them and why I don’t call them VBLs.

I’ll be there, should be a good conference.

One of the nicest guys in the field, helped me when I was first getting started. Too bad Ford’s corporate culture and inability to execute put a blemish on his rising career. The Five Hundred and Flex didn’t live up to expectations. Ingeni studio was a major flop, cost Ford millions and many talented people lost their jobs.

I’m going. Excited to see the presentations!

I’ll be there. Would love to grab a drink with the Core77 community.

I’m always down for that, Justin! :slight_smile:

Would be cool to meet up! For now, there is this upcoming event at TEAMS :slight_smile:

“IDSA Chicago is having an IDC Preview Event on Friday, July 12th from 6PM to 9PM at TEAMS Design to get Chicago based designers and potential attendees excited about IDSA’s International Design Conference happening in Chicago on August 21st - 23rd, 2019. This preview event will feature panel discussions from some of IDC’s speakers, a map that previews all of the conference activities, food and drinks, and a very good reason why you should attend IDC. IDSA Chicago is working with TEAMS Design to being you the awesome “Chicago Design Experience” - be sure to not miss this amazing event - a special announcement to be made at this event!”

I’ll be there!

Hope the studio will have enough sketching tables ready by then. :laughing:

Who wants a hashtag#RealDesignersShip sticker? I’ll be giving them out at IDC.

If anyone is going there is an after event party on Wednesday. Sign up here:

I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


Just realized that event is the same night as the gala… but MNML is having a party on Thursday. :slight_smile:

I’ll be at the MNML party. Hope to
See some Core folks there.

I’ll be at the conference and the MNML party as well. My first IDC, looking forward to it.

cool, make sure you say hi!

some really good talks, the J Mays keynote was pretty great. I think the IDSA is going to make a video available.

A little wrap up video from the conference:

Brett Lovelady talking about the 25 year anniversary of Astro Studios

some more talks went live including mine:

Cheryl Durst on diversity and inclusion:

Chris Jackson on Inclusive Futures:

And me on creating Design Language Systems: