2015 Conferences - Looking for suggestions

My awesome employer just gave me the green light to go to a new conference this year! I work for a fitness equipment company in the very fuzzy front end of their product development department. I float between physical product and digital pretty regularly and I occasionally interface with the marketing department. On a fairly regular basis I do user research, facilitate brainstorms regarding UX, and then they actually PAY me to Design some pretty sweet (Censored)!

Yes… it is as cool as it sounds… and it’s almost in Portland.

So… I need to find an AMAZING conference that I can go to, absorb a whole lot of content/skillz and then bring it all back to the amazement of my supervisors. Whomever suggest the conference I attend will receive a glowing mental thank you and at least a few Kudos from my Strava account(still working on if these are transferable).

I’d like the conference to be in the following categories:
User Experience(UX)
User Interaction (UI)
Industrial Design (ID)
Creativity >^…^<
Design Process
User Research

Thanks for the help my fellow Corolites!