2014 Corvette

Huge Gallery: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Photo Gallery

I can’t wait to see it in person. The creases along the hood are extra sexy, and the interior has some cool details, like a sculpted hood over the instrument cluster, and check out the passenger climate control integrated into the vent!

For comparison, here’s a high-end current generation I spotted today.

Excited to see one in person, but still on the fence about a lot of the details. I’m not a Corvette guy but the square Camaro-ish tail lights look too fussy, especially with the extra venting details framing them. I think I’d prefer to have seen an evolution of the cleaner iconic “double rounds” in the back.

The interior is a step up but the passenger hvac vents have some awkward transitions, my eye keeps getting drawing to this weird pinch point
awkward transition.JPG
All that said I definitely wouldn’t turn down a free/heavily discounted one! :smiley:

Thank you for posting a pet peeve of mine…

The first car in which I recognized that arkward spandrel? “zwickel” in front of the passenger was the C6 Audi
A6 interior. Never knew how that curve whent in. The predecessor and current model don’t have it.



A lot of “sports car” interiors like Lamborghini, Jaguar F-Type and the new Viper followed the general mold
of positioning the instruments, navigation and vents, but most of them avoided a decorative stripe in this place.
The new Corvette now has it, too…

So back to the new Corvette Stingray:

  • Why did they lose the Corvette trademark rear glass house?
  • Are the new Corvette and the new Viper intendetly blurring into the same car?



P.S.: They will offer the split windows of the prototype as a mid cycle refresh, I’d bet !

mo-i: +1 on everything.

It looks like they had a great concept idea a couple of years ago, but then rushed to get the details done. A lot of awkward forms and transitions. I do see more Lambo Aventador in the Vette’s surfacing though. A nice contrast to the slightly softer flowing Viper bodywork.

Plus, why a 7-speed manual? I want a four-on-the-floor. That used to be the reason one would buy a 6.2L V8. The torque negates the need for stirring the box too often.

it is kind of awkward in this view, but keep in mind, this is also an unrealistic view that can only be recreated by standing at the rear of the car with the hatch open. it looks great, and works from a passenger perspective due to the plan view shape that the part break up lies on.

I’m excited to see it in person. Huge jump from the last car! I would love to see a Viper and a new 'Vette next to each other. While there are some similarities in proportion (say the way there is between a 5 series and an A6), I bet they are quite different in real life.

I saw a new Viper on display at CES in Vegas last week, it is pretty hot. Can’t wait for the obligatory comparison tests between these two cars! Ford, where you at?

I’ll wait to see it in person, but overall I really like the stance and lines/ surfacing. The black vents remind me a lot of those Gundam robots and are too much I think. I wish those areas were more dramatically sculpted airflow solutions rather than applied louvers.

I don’t mind the geometric tail lights, but I think they definitely date the design to right now. The venting eyeliner is also too much. Also, the A-B-C pillar color breakups on the red version are odd. Also, the circle exhaust pipes…do those work?

Yo, do you think Ford’s response would be a Mustang to go against this Vette, or a new GT-40 to go after the Viper?

Pleeeeeease let it be a GT40…

Kind of a mess, in that overstyled way GM is so good at (like the Volt). That body colored roof rail that just ends in space is bizarre. I do like the rear of the greenhouse and the shape of the sill protuberances under the doors. The interior is a huge step up, but still has a hint of that Malibu rental car feel. I think it’s the chunky wheel and overly swoopy buttons.

The Corvette is a tough franchise. For decades there have been people pushing to make it really interesting and groundbreaking, and they’ve made it into a very capable car technically, despite their self-imposed limitations. But they still know who buys most of them, and you can see where they’ve held back to appease those guys.

It’s still too much of a clear descendant from this:

Theres some things that aren’t quite as pure and a bit more overworked than the previous generation, but lets be honest most people who buy a Corvette buy it because it’s a good value.

I think all the additional vents etc may be more of a turnoff to the typical 55+ Corvette buyer, but they may start to appeal to the younger guys a bit more.

Call me when the Z06 comes out.

It’s way overdone, but I bet it’s probably on the mark for the target market who buys these. Matches the overdone, (all the pillars and faux stonework) monster-home style popular with the middle America.

Too bad it will probably never be as beautiful as either of these -


Who wants to design some tail light louvers and chrome exhaust covers with me? We’ll be rich!

Anyone else annoyed with all the press shots being renderings? I know they show practically the same thing but they are still NOT the same thing.

Since the “new” GM came back from the grave they are doing this.
Only ever showing high class renders instead of still photos.

Probably they head a whole product photography departement
that is now gone.

The Advantage clearly is that inconsistencies in materials and bad fit and finish
are no problem in renderings…

The crown in NAIAS product renderings had to go to Chrysler, though:

“Sorry Boss our system crashed over night, but here is what we could do on time…”


The irony in that is that almost all of those renderings are done on realtime rendering systems these days, so their excuses would have to be even worse. “Sorry boss, the Viper guys wouldn’t get off the machine!” :laughing:

Here are some in-person shots to counter the renders: 2014 Corvette Stingray: Pure Car Porn

It would also appear that, from the driver’s seat at least, the ‘pinch’ detail on the passenger side trim is almost irrelevant thanks to the sweeping form of the controls designed to face the pilot.

Also, might have to start a new thread about this, but… anyone else see the Cadillac ELR about to enter production!?
“This is what happens when a Volt and an ATS get dirty”

digging it.

The creases on the hood kinda look like they came from marker streaks on a rendering. I like.

with little color change in the interior trim… :smiley:
2014 Corvette Interior1.jpg

here is the pinch-that’s-not-a-pinch from the passenger perspective.