2013 Design Intelligence Rankings

Industrial Design, Undergraduate

1 Art Center College of Design
1 University of Cincinnati
3 Pratt Institute
3 Rhode Island School of Design
3 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Industrial Design, Graduate

1 Art Center College of Design
2 Pratt Institute
2 Rhode Island School of Design
4 Arizona State University
4 Auburn University
4 Cranbrook Academy of Art

DI has released their new rankings for 2013. They openly listed the top 5 in each category on their website.

OK, lets get subjective in here!

What is your personal list? Mine, based on the portfolios I see, is as follows:

  1. UC
  2. Art Center
  3. BYU
  4. VT
  5. CCS

As a student, I don’t really think we get a full view of the design-education landscape. and so it’s tough to really “rank” schools. Interesting to see that RISD and Pratt are absent from your list. I’ve heard BYU puts out some amazing sketchers and visualizers (spencer nugent among them). Not to take anything away from Art Center obviously haha. I don’t think I’ve seen enough work to rank schools though.

On another note, it’s intriguing to look at these rankings, look at what I see happening at UC on a day to day basis (good and bad) and then extrapolate what must be going on at other schools. relatively speaking.

Thanks for pointing out BYU, great to see their ID student gallery by year, very impressive stuff (although they need to better link the ID page to their main site!)

Do you have a link to the gallery? I’m a bit lost on the website…

Here is some of the sophomore year work, looks great for that level:

Pretty Impressed that VT has made it up there. Shows how far the program has come in a short time.

Unlike the other news magazine rankings that ask for academic information relevant to any major, Design Intelligence surveys employers on who they’d be most likely to hire from in coming months.
So, more than anything this is a snapshot of recent portfolios. And just like the profession on the whole, group dynamics has more to do with great design output than the organization that houses the team.

Couldn’t agree more. The students at UC that really push one another is what I feel makes a big difference.