2012 Trends in innovation and design?

At Seymourpowell, we’re always monitoring trends… But what do you see as the key trends in design and innovation for 2012?

I don’t have any original insights to add at the moment, but here’s a sight I really like that monitors trends.

My new favourite thing:

I gotta imagine 2012 (and beyond) in terms of design we might start seeing even more of an effort toward the future vs the retro past.

Examples of things we are already seeing, LGs 2012 tv’s cantilever floating like stand vs Samsung 2011 tv’s retro office chair legs, Sony’s Nex mirror less cameras vs fuji films mirror less in an 8mm body. I know we are still seeing both, and this retro trend is a mega trend that is going into its 2nd decade, but I think more effort will be put into showing / creating the future


I am here: Google Maps

… I think more effort will be put into showing / creating the future

I certainly hope so, I’m still waiting for my flying car… :wink:

Welcome Seymourpowell! I have been a big follower for a long time, since the late 80’s.

We did a similar exercise at frog you might like a peek at:

Home storage…I am based in Seoul, Korea and now that society has been shopping for a few decades, home storage is becoming a consumer focus/need/want.

Single living…Many 20 somthings in Japan, Korea and China are forgoing the ritual and tradition of marriage in favor of living independently/single.

Appealing to Chinese travelers…Let’s face it Chinese have cash to travel and businesses will change their focus to make Chinese travelers comfortable when they visit their shop, hotel, taxi, restaurant etc.

Less DIY and more service based lifestyles are on the rise in Asia as more enter the middle class.

Building a retirement home to take care of aging parents. Many have high enough incomes to take advantage of this trend now. Developers are building supply.

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