2012 Olyimpic Torch

What do you think of this torch design ?

Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
8000 holes for the 8000 individual torch runners.
Very lightweight so younger runners can carry it.
Three sides for the three British Olympics


Looks like Oldenburg’s Bat Column

I think it looks good. Probably much better in person with the double layered perf metal. I couldn’t watch the video but I’d like to know more about the choice for the gold color.

Athens’ still looks so good.

Perhaps symbolism of gold medals ?

They don’t mention why its gold in the video, you can read the transcript of the video here;

Yea I like Athens and Sydney the most.

The Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB, Samsung, Olympic Torch Relay torch looks good. It is not trying to be a scepter or have a lot of faux classical grandeur about it, and it is not trying to do the “so fast the torch is bending” look. Appears light, looks nice and triangular, look like the wind will be baffled enough not to blow it out.

The design looks very good to the task without falling into mission inebriation. Too bad about the logo.

Logo is horrific.

Apparently they tested it in BMW’s wind/weather tunnels to ensure it can hold up to wind, rain and cold temperatures.

nxakt: My thought too…far better than the logo.

yeah, it’s an acquired taste. I worked on the ideation for the torch last summer at BarberOsgerby and did some CAD/Animation for the pitch that won them the assignment. It’s a pretty stunning object up close but every time I had to smack the logo on it, it hurt a bit.

In discussion though, it was mentioned that if we see the logo often enough and in applications, we’ll get used to it eventually. Actually, that might have already happened to me…

How much discussion and attention has the logo generated though? Is there anyone out there that doesn’t know what it represents? And isn’t that the point?

Love the torch. I wonder if they played with more edgy styled perforation (like the logo) or did they refrain from referencing it from the start?

Nagano, Beijing and London place in my top3. But WTF is up with 1992 Albertville??


Congratulations! That is a cool project to make a mark on.

My favortie thing about the logo is what Iran said about it. They claimed that it spelled out the word Zion, the word used to refer to Isreal and said that if the logo wasnt changed they would withdraw from the Olympics. When the Olympic Comittee said that they wouldnt change it Iran folded and agreed to still participate.


I do like the torch though, good work bepster.

Thanks but I was just one member in a large team. The whole studio took this project very seriously from the start and almost everybody was involved at some point. It was exciting and I am happy I was part of it, at least for a few months.

When I saw the first image I swear I thought the torch was gold with rinestones on, it was on my phone though so it was a bit small. I like the overall form and proportion but I think the all gold finish is a bit too flashy for my taste, I think a little contrast would go along way. Although making the logo stand out might not be a great thing. Below is a quick edit that I thought might look good, and with the inner layer still gold the promoters could come up with something sappy like “there’s gold medal inside all of us”…etc. :slight_smile:

My colleagues and I have been discussing the torch too, this week, and had an alternative idea of our own…

I must say the logo has grown on me.
I am partial to the idea that if the logo doesn’t strike you as odd it is a (bad) sign that it will not age well, that doesn’t mean odd=good but being odd is an ingredient for a logo that pushed the boundaries.

I remember when Javier Mariscal’s “cobi” was chosen as the olympic mascot in Barcelona '92, he got loads of abuse for it, as it was definitely odd, but it turned out to be (imho) one of the best and it started a trend of non-conventional, or non-disney mascots, and it stands the test of time.

Re. the torch i love the shape it is a very contemporary interpretation.