2012 Franz Award

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Worldly most competitive and attractive art design competition is coming.

This is 2012 Franz Award, a global, porcelain design competition. Designers around the world start hunting from 4/30.
Don’t be late! www.franzaward.com , We are waiting for you.


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2012 MAISON&OBJET with Franz Award

MAISON & OBJET is to the home decor industry what Paris Fashion Fair is to the fashion industry. MAISON & OBJET is held twice a year and has always been the trendsetter of the international home decor industry; styles launched in this event are 2~3 years ahead of the U.S. market and it is an international stage which many designers desire to be a part of.

With Franz Award
Being the first Chinese brand to enter MAISON & OBJET, Franz has presented an outstanding performance in recent years. The FRANZ AWARD is held to present talented designers to be tested by the international market.

Wanna know more about 2012 M&O ?
Preregistering has now opened.

Wanna know more about Franz Award?
Franz Award 2012 call for entries NOW!!

Awesome porcelain design sharing

How much do you know about porcelain? Do you have any idea about porcelain design? Now we are sharing these awesome porcelain designs on our website:

We are Franz Award, worldly most competitive and attractive art design competition, offering amazing rewards and an opportunity to participate in Maison & Object show @ Pairs. Check our main page, Franz Award 2012 call for entries NOW!!

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Due date EXTENDED till 7/17
Deadline of registration & submission: 2011/7/7 17:00 (Taipei Time GMT+08:00)