2011 VW Jetta Ad

I think this add has been on TV for a few weeks now, but I recently saw it a few days ago and really enjoyed it.

I have always admired VW’s marketing campaigns and as a designer this add really struck a cord with me. While humorous, I really think its a great little window for the general public into the design process.

Yah I love this ad. I would be really interested if a non designer thought this was as funny as I thought?

Also I think the new design is a step down talk about BLAH. What you think?

I thought it was nice, a more accurate representation of how a car is made.

Also, the new design is awesome. If you want crazy stuff, get the whacky Japanese and Korean cars coming out. VW should always be clean, geometric, and restrained IMO. I was worried when VW released that organic sedan, but they snapped out of that phase quickly unlike some people (looking at you Nissan).

Just saw the ad. I really like the direction with all of Volkswagens 2011 range with the new grille/light interaction. The proportions are stretched out nicely and its a great cheap A4!

why not?

I like it, too. The previous generation grew on me over time, but to me this shot of the 2011 model takes the cake:


EDIT: oops, I had a 2 door concept in there that was much prettier…

I love how VW came back to a flowing but unmistakable germanic form language

after an addleheaded phase of bling.

But the really staggering work was done by the ad agency. The new Jetta is a good product for the price,
but the TV-spots are priceless:

I just hope the product lives up to the pledge.

yours mo-i

Yeah totally a big fan of the new Jetta, the A3 body style from the mid 90’s still takes the cakes in my books. At one point the 3rd gen wolfsburg edition was a dream car.

I think that body style along with the BMW e36 3 series might be the best of that decade.

Yeah, an A4 made in Mexico! I miss Peter Schreyer.

The Jetta pictured above is THE Jetta. I think that one really defined the vehicle. They should go back to that J Mays era aesthetic.

^ That is definitely the best Jetta ever. I wish they just kept that shape and slowly evolved it like a Porsche model or something.

Actually that is Bora :wink:

We stopped getting “Jettas” after that one, it’s Golf > Passat. I hope we’ll get the new one, it’s priced lower than a Polo which I was actually considering.

Hasn’t it always been called Jetta in the US? Actually it’s back to being Jetta again in Europe now. They’ve dropped the Bora name.

Jetta=Bora in the US. I’d always see tuner goofballs that took off the Jetta plate on the back and replaced it with a BORA from eBay or something.

B…o…r…a inspecting sign
“Oh. I see you’ve got yourself one of them expensive European imports.”

That’s just sad or funny or… wait. I’m confused. I didn’t know people did that. I can see why people change the sign on a Dino to Ferrari although I wouldn’t personally (most people don’t know what a Dino is, but they will know Ferrari). But changing Jetta to Bora?!

The same people that do that, do this:

Turn a Honda Civic into an “M3”

From the front page just now:

Nice! With what appears to be a Mont Blanc pen, no less (couldn’t see the cap, but I think it is)