2011 Superbowl Car Commercials

Anyone else notice this ad from Kia last night on the Super Bowl?

Love how they dropped Starck’s yacht in there, too.

craze Y !

A little silly… My fave was the Camaro one.

The Transformer Camar0?

Citroen C4 Transformer - YouTube
- YouTube

= little lame.

Sorry, you Americans don’t have Citroen. Poor you.


No, you where talking about the redhead teacher. Right?

What a ton of taxmoney they guzzled into superbowl, amazing. Panem et circenses

I prefer the Ford Ka commercial.

No, the school teacher one… silly, but fun.

What about this one? Once Lee Iacocca had Frank Sinatra now they got Eminem.
For me that were moving 2 minutes. I always loved what Iacocca brought to the industry.
And his book was one of the first I read in foreign language after I found a copy
in a holiday home. It was one of the true inspirations to go into product developement.

So this ad is a sentimental journey to the past, even for me, who is thousands of miles
from Detroit, as the downfall of the “rustbelt” is mirrored by the old industrial centers
in Europe.

But what has this ad to tell us about the future not the past?


I like the Chrysler one, but probably because I’m from the rustbelt. I drove through Detroit two years ago. Ugh!

If you replace “detroit” with “kabul”, I think this commercial would be insulting to most people, but closer to the truth.

I wasn’t watching the Superbowl, but I saw an amazing Chrysler commercial on the air last night. First time I’ve seen it.

It was something about “What ever happened to Luxury?”. Showed lots of old cars from the 40s/50s/60s and later, very mad men style, people with hats, getting out of a nice large boat of a car with lots of chrome… Lots of tailfins, etc. It was super inspiring.

Unfortunately, it ended showing the new 200M, 300M and something else. Bleck. Worst part was they showed a front view of the cars and with the new grille, it looks completely anonymous. Like when they de-badge a car in a cheap movie.

EDIT- found it! it’s about style, not luxury, my bad. Just as bad in meaning though for the cars they show which sure aren’t luxury but not much for “style” either. They make their new stuff look bad compared to the great old stuff!

It’s a shame when the ad is better than the product it’s selling :frowning:


Interesting ad. I think it’s a Fail though. Moreso for trying so hard.

I think they had a good shot at making something memorable, but to me, it’s a shame they picked the word “luxury”. Looking at the ad, actually makes me think “hmm… you right, Detroit has nothing to do with luxury - no wonder the cars get it so wrong”.

If they had picked something like “strength”, “hard-working”, even “real” I would have bought it. But the whole message goes against itself as Detroit, Eminem and everything shown is the complete opposite of luxury.


It’s nice to know that our tax payers money is going to such good use. I’m sure the new gold plated arcade machines that W&K will spend their $10 million budget on will go to good use, since Eminem needed $9 million dollars to support his home town and the Chrysler Sebring…I mean 200…costs $1 million dollars.

It’s certainly one of the most talked about ads from all the blog traffic…but it’s got bad omens written all over it. Between bad stigmas about Detroit, the fact that they barely show the car (which is affectionately described as a fabulous rental car in one review), and the fact that they’re using the “luxury” tag line on a car that has fewer standard options then a Hyundai Elantra. Making sure the car was black was the only thing they could do to make sure it didn’t come off as beige.

I firmly believe the “Big 3” really needs to be reduced to the Big 2…Chrysler has shown almost no signs of life other than bolting some slightly freshened up bumpers on most of their lineup. Sell Ram and Jeep to survive on their own and ebay the rest to give the government back their money.

I agree R. The ad was kind of a let down at the end. I really wanted the reveal to be something more than the 200. The background track and footage drew me in pretty well, but the car is so forgettable. I would have preferred if it just showed the Chrysler logo at the end; keep the ad more brand focused instead of finishing with ho hum cars.



Just split the topic so as to not dilute the OP.

More car commercials here + commentary: FYI


A few more decent ones-

This I still think is full of win.


EDIT- found it! it’s about style, not luxury, my bad. Just as bad in meaning though for the cars they show which sure aren’t luxury but not much for “style” either. They make their new stuff look bad compared to the great old stuff!

Bang on like always.

Didn’t want to beat a dead horse and as a German most certainly not Chrysler. It’s such a pitty.
Someone really should hold on to the great american cruiser. Chrysler could make it. Possibly.
But they’ll have to do a Polaroid, I fear.

Richard, can’t you help them. You’re close.


P.S.: digesting the Eminem spot a little more, the new Chrysler comes across as the perfect mobsters choice.
Deliberate subcontext, or by accident?

I wish I could help. I really have no hate for the brand, but get sad seeing the amount of potential lost.

Really, they made this once -

Isn’t that inspiration enough?


I hope that the Italians are setting up a Chrysler come-back. It will take a min. of 4 years to see any results. Until then, it’s just damage control.

The Dodge “Never Neutral” campaign for the Charger has a nice byline:

“The leaders of car companies should be Race Car Drivers and Designers
and Bankers should work in a bank”

Yup! It isn’t nice as the other Chrysler cars are. But i think this one is the choice of some gangsters in town because of its looks and styles. It looks like an old model but perfect for some car collectors. Beautiful design, Perfect color, Nice rims, And anything else is perfect on it. Maybe they made this designed Chrysler for some reasons.