2011 Ford Police Interceptor

2011 Ford Police Interceptor vehicles are replacing the aging Crown Vic’s. Ford has 2 Interceptor models this time: sedan and utility versions. What do people think of them? Go to http://www.ford.com/fordpoliceinterceptor for more info.

Nice that you can get all-wheel drive on both models. And it’s too bad the Utility version doesn’t get the eco-boost engine, where it would make most sense…

Beyond that, it doesn’t seem too much different from the Taurus and Explorer. Am I wrong?

I like the classic cop wheels. Is there a specific reason they look like that?

I think the Charger makes a much nicer looking Police Interceptor… “t’s got a cop motor, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks.”


I once saw a Lamborghini Police Car in London.

Yo - Totally agree! The Charger has to be the best cop car design in a long time. It’s just so intimidating and aggressive. Also, got the Blues Brothers reference. =)

Steel wheels are cheaper and more durable than alloys, which is important when you hammer cars the way cops do. It’s interesting that the Chargers all use the stock alloy wheels though.

some of them have steel wheels:

Slated for release in 2012, Carbon Motors E7 sure seems to be getting nowhere fast … although it’s reported that they signed a contract with BMW in March (2010) for 240,000 diesel engines.

Then there’s Chevy’s 355 bhp Zeta (Caprice), not available for private purchase in NA. Ford has 'em beat in the “graphics” department, IMO.

why do all these new cop cars and graphics look so cheesy? Like a toy, or a 6 year old kid designed them while playing with hot wheels? what happened to the police look having some class and authority?

maybe i just like the old cars better (60’s era and older), and the restrained graphics, but I prefer the more simple, almost military feel compared to the new pep-boys graphics and faux aggressiveness.


I sure agree R… a B&W should instill trepidation on the part of any potential perp. :wink:

Nothing beat out the old Dodge Polaras

The Caprice is made just up the road:

Holden had a big export programme of rear wheel drive sedans, specifically for Police.

but the Caprice PPV looks like an older body shape to me. This is what the police use here, the Commodore (Pontiac G8 in the US):

These Police Interceptors aren’t as bad ass like the Dodge Charger but they get the job done.

Sure this also works pretty well in the city :slight_smile: The 2 passengers were wearing roller skater :slight_smile: