2011 Dodge Neon

Rumor has it that a Fiat Linea based Dodge Neon will be launched within 18 months. Wow! Here’s hoping that a Ferrari 430 based Grand Caravan will follow!

Oooooo… that would be perfect!

“Lets take the ugliest Fiat and give it to the Americans” hmm, pass.

This has the smell of the Studebacker Packard merger… you can see how successful that was.

Give me the Alfas, keep the crap.

The Linea certainly is average looking. It’s not terrible, but I don’t think it’s a worthy replacement of the iconic Neon. I can’t imagine that Fiat will simply do away with everything good Chrysler has.

More back story: Fiat now has a 20% stake in Chrysleratti. According to the agreement with Obama, they will get an extra 5% if they give Chrysler a 40mpg car. That’s why the Linea/Neon is a priority.

Yo: Don’t worry, the 500 is second in line for US distribution.

It’s going to be a big fat fail if they badge it as a Neon. If I needed a cheap new car, I could imagine a world where I might buy a Fiat Linea. But I would take the fricking bus before I would drive a Neon. Every Neon I see on the road is purple, and half its paint has peeled off exposing the gray primer underneath. It’s a badge of shame that tells the whole world you can’t afford 99 bucks a month for a Kia Rio. That’s brand equity Fiat could do without.

The government loans should include a condition that Chrysler take back all the Neons left on the road and paint them with a paint that actually adheres to its substrate.

Why should they call it the Neon.

You don´t use “quick rinse” to have everything coming out of it in the
same condition as before.

The Linea is an attractive small sedan with its audi-esque styling:

They could call it the Dodge whatever. “Swinger” ?

Don´t take me serious all of the time…

yours mo-i

mo-i: From the side it does look a lot more Audi. Hmmm…

Scott: If they ever do put Top Gear USA on the air, you should send your resume in!

I agree with the name, but I’d go beyond the Neon. I think they should just rename the whole company. The few gems they’ve made since the '70’s have probably looked so good because of the sheer amount of rubbish they’ve mostly put out. At least with the name Fiat, we’ve had a break from their worst products.

According to Automotive News 6 models could hit North America :

The 500

Panda 4x4

Grande Punto


and the Alfa Romeo 159, which would be awesome!

At least with the name Fiat, we’ve had a break from their [Chrysler] worst products.

How old are you Mr… ? :wink:

At least back in the day (I’m r-e-a-l-l-y beginning to hate that phrase) a FIAT owner could usually throw up the hood and fix the problem themselves.

Don´t take me serious all of the time either.

if you bring two mules together you shouldn´t expect them to
have baby racehorses as the offspring.

but the combination of Chrysler and Fiat might work a wonder

LOL, quote of the day.

Despite them being…uneasy on the eyes, they were a fairly high selling car. Comparative to civics at a point, canceling that car brought about the Caliber, which is arguably even worse looking. I still think it was one of the biggest mistakes of Chrysler/Dodge to cancel their budget level entry car.

Neon sales numbers : Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge Neon cars, 1995-2005 | Allpar Forums

It’s a question of profits. I recently read that Ford lost money on the Focus in the North American market every year. Having said that, Ford may have recouped some tooling costs and development cost. Certainly it ate up some factory space.