2010 Reebok Apprenticeship submission

well i decided 2 man-up and give this reebok apprenticeship project a shot and heres what i plan to submit
also here is the link to the guidelines and requirements for the reebok apprenticeship:

http://adidas.jobpartners.com/jpapps/ad … FP00000048

My biggest concern is too many shoe designs(had car designer’s mentality on this one),not enough tech info and i have a 4 year design in english!! crits please!! knit pick please!!!

i’ll go ahead and ask it…how are the shapes of your first and last shoe so off and the middle one so on the money? the rendering is nice, but the lack of proportion from the basketball and track shoes turns me off to the presentation.

with the proportions of those 2 shoes so off, i almost cannot begin to evaluate the project as a whole.
Your props in the middle shoe are much better.

here’s a redo so irate about making the shoe look too long…but my homie was a bit more specific said it looked like boy’s shoe
i’m like damn homie so i think i made the necessary adjustments…what do u think will do same for k swiss shoe to.
styleRIZAL and dziner82 thanx ya’ll…more 2 come.

i did some quick chops to your shoe in photoshop, here it is closer to regular shoe proportions, its still probably off a bit, but its way better than where you were going.

The change you made helped, but it was nowhere near enough of a change. Read through more of the sketch-fu thread and some of the websites like Richards to better understand shoes and their proportions, having wacky proportions like you do now is a quick way to tell someone you dont understand footwear very well.

If anything err on the side of it being sleek and trim rather than looking like a mega man shoe. :stuck_out_tongue:

it “seems” like your’s are too long in the forefoot.

i have overlaid a production nike bball shoe over my fixed version of your render. mine has more shape in the toe area, which i always like to have, since thats how the last usually is and you lose that shape when the upper and padding are added and then taken off the last.

but you can see that the length is fine and only slightly off at the top of the eyestay. But remember im not claiming mine to be perfect, and generally i dont like to base my sketches or renderings off production shoes exactly, but it was more to show you how far off yours are, and that you were not able to recognize it beforehand. Copy this photo then overlay your original rendering and you will see how much it is off, hopefully this helps.

keep at it.

as for your track shoe, that thing should be almost like a sock, there is usually no padding to speak of in a track shoe and no room for midsoles or much of an insole even. I think you just have to break the habit of what your minds eye thinks the proportions of a shoe are, we all have to break that habit at some point.

ok that’s what’s up. thanx dziner. do u know who has those shoe templates for underlays?


Meka, you can just take any old picture you find on the internets and use that as an underlay.

yeah man that’s what i been doin’ from here on out every shoe i draw is gonna b from a real shoe!!! i appreciate the feedback ya’ll. 2 here from designer in the industry is a world of help!

dont be afraid to add slightly more toeshape or slim down some proportions a bit to get a nicer look, for sketch purposes. Just dont go any thicker than a production shoe! :slight_smile:

your sillouhettes are way to fat and chunky. you have to really think three dimensionally when you are designing footwear.

also, you have to think different for reebok, they are very quirky and are trying to get back to the market again with interesting concepts-like the zig-tech. think of something out of the box and im sure you are bound to attract some attention.