2010 BMW Z4

mmm, i dunno. Maybe it’s because I’d a BMW guy (my first car was a bimmer and I have one now), but I really like it. Only thing that I’m not so keen on is the inner crease lines on the hood. A bit too much.

Otherwise, I think the proportions have been refined nicely, the cab seems even more farther back to harken back to the long hood roadsters of the past, and the overall shapes and face seem more aggressive to me, not less as some suggest. The tail lights I think are indeed also very BMW (curved like the 5 series with the decklid like the 1 series).

That being said it’s not perfect (though really, what is?). I really like the 45 degree angled cutline on the old z4, and think the side vent is a bit buick on the new one. I also find the shoulder crease nice in both the front rear, but find it gets too ambiguous where it does/doesn’t connect behind the door. If they had kept one solid line, it think the overall movement and profile of the car would be much improved. This area to me is the biggest issue I have with the new design as it feel very unresolved. It’s what you find on a lot of japanese and US cars, where they have strong character lines coming from the wheel arch or trunk that just sorta fade off as they can’t figure out what do with them or how to integrate them to the other surfaces. It’s like smudging a line on a pencil sketch if you aren’t sure if it’s in correct perspective or don’t know where you really want it. A cop-out.

Overall though, I also liked the outgoing z4, but think the new one is a good update the old one was a bit fish eyed, and too feminine, though the continuity of the shut lines and surfaces was truly amazing. It’s the kind of design you can really look at at any angle for a long time and always see something new.

The new one may not be as bold, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a fail. Maybe it’s something with most people and BMWs and pics though, but I’d reserve final judgement until you see it in real life. Online most people seemed to hate the 1 series, but honestly it’s one of my fave new cars (though I liked it in pics too). Still, on the road I turn my head whenever I see one!



I agree on the 1 series. I thought it was a hack job compared to the hatch. Now that I’ve seen both, I think the coupe is much nicer. The 1 feels like a throwback to the 2002…just over-powered and over priced.

That’s deep. I think you’re on to something :wink:

RK, your comment on the beltline is interesting. This new Z4 has the “broken” shoulder as does the CS concept. I prefer the continuous line on the new 3 series, 7 series etc.

It seems a few car companies are moving away from the continuous line too though. The new Volvo concept, is a subtle but, distinct departure from the straight strong shoulder, as is teh new Audi A5 I think.



BMW does nothing for me now but induce eye rolls… and they’ve infected Audi with their stink.

I see the new A4 headlights and sharp lines misguidedly inspired by designs like this… yuck.

Give me a 2000 328 or a mid 80’s 325 and I’d be perfectly happy but, alas, those days are clearly long gone.

Old Z4 was a animal with mysterious treatment.

But this looks like ordinary car…nothing new & surprising
they have released all energy of old Z4 curves…

Oh no, have to disagree completely on that one. I almost crashed on the freeway because I was drooling over the audi A5 next to me. And I’ve always found the older BMWs too boring and boxy for my taste (dodges hurled object). Maybe it’s just cuz I’m a youngster.

Sidenote: I think audi should fire their photographer–their website doesn’t do any justice to any of there cars, which have such an imposing presence on the road.

People say this and people say that… but what spoke the loudest was the sales numbers and how fast the current models were flying out the door. Makes no sense at all.

I like the current and the newer version. Though too Z3’ish for me. I absolutely hated teh Z3.

OK, I admit that the A5 looks pretty good, but that’s the only one that I will admit to. Have you seen the next A6 wagon though? Atrocious.

And, yes, the old boxy BMW is a bit… that. But, have you driven one? And I liked the fact that those cars had a pure identity. A Saab was a Saab, a BMW was a BMW, Volvo, etc and they had an ugly duckling appeal to them. All of them now are just derivative of each other and steal design cues that, to me, are less about identity than a “slash” of a statement or reaction instead of a thoughtful evolution of brand identity.

Is a current BMW about design heritage and pure driving experience or Chris Bangle’s honking visual contributions and badge prestige versus actual driving experience? I wonder…

Point taken there, I wouldn’t even think about questioning the capabilities of those cars–I was speaking from a purely visual standpoint. (Incidentally, I tend to dislike wagons of all makes, but that’s personal preference).

I too would like to see a shift more towards individuality between marques and less of this “side vents are in! We need side vents too!” mentality. I’d hate to see this turn into the fashion industry, where everybody jumps on the latest bandwagon until it collapses and then they move on. Sadly I can spot plenty of evidence of that…

i like the new model’s door handle.
it follows the shoulder line and this look better than the old one.

after having seen a few of these on the road, i gotta say, i love. yep, I’m a BMW guy, and liked the lsat gen, but the new one is awesome looking in person. the right stance, long bonnet, angel eyes… love it!


the front is great, the side is boring, especially after the last one! The emblem turn indicator was the best.

This is a “better” design, but the OG will be the classic.

I don’t disagree that the last one was more “pure” in design terms…


Funny you guys bring this up…I was just about to look for this thread again!

I love this new one. I was completely wrong before. The photos looked horrible, but in reality, the new one manages to be more cohesive and harmonious than the first Z4. To me, the first Z4 was theoretical. There was a lot of experimenting and thought in it…some of it worked, some of it didn’t, but it was all pushing the envelope.

This new Z4 is like the zen version of the first one. The same basic ideas are there, that skin stretched over a skeleton surfacing, but the details have been ironed out, smoothed over and brought into proportion.

The front end actually looks quite sporty. Much lower and sleeker than I thought. It seems like the headlights are thinner than on the old Z4. Around the side, the loss of the Z crease actually hunkers the whole car down. The Z crease made the car seem a little boxier, the flowing lines of the new car lengthen and lower it visually. Around the back, the new trunk flows much better into the rest of the car. The notchiness of the old trunk is replaced by one clean flowing arch.

Interestingly, the lead exterior and interior designers were women on this new Z4. I don’t know if that made the difference, but I really like this in the real sheet metal.

Ditto 914. The hood proportion to the rest of the car is perfect in this version. I always felt a little uncomfortable with the previous version. The new design makes this Z4 feel a little bigger, too. I’m loving it though, especially these commercials.


To be honest, I wouldn’t think how much of a big difference it would make seeing a car in pictures or seeing it for real.When I first saw Z4 in the forum thought BMW did a bad job. I mean really bad job. Thought they killed the “shark” spirit of previous Z4.

I saw it today when I was biking downtown and it completely stopped right beside me at the red light. I couldn’t really take my eyes off the car. A lot of good details and nice flow from front till back. I just loved it. YES, they definitely killed the “shark” but created a nice BMW sports car with a very good proportions and nice details.

I love it.

I agree, it translates very nicely in person… I still miss the action on the side of the old one and the oddness of the old back end… It just seemed more youthful to me.

Font end on this one is dynamite, and the surfacing is amazing. It is difficult to pull off so many twisting surfaces and really have it work the way these guys are doing consistently.