2010 BMW 5-series

Richard: note that the shut line on the old Z4 continues past the light and bumper and into the door shut line. That’s why that car is genius. Nothing that wasn’t consciously decided.

The old 5 series shut line is more resolved, or at least more hidden. Kinda unforgivable to over look these details on a $50k+ luxury car brand known for design.

Ya, that’s exactly what I was trying to say about the z4. I don’t know if I’d call the new one “unforgivable” though.


I’m not sure why…but when I look at the front end of this all I see is an Orc.

Hah, yes. The foglights can read as tusks if you look at it right.

I think the new one is a very handsome and refined design. Funny enough, everyone accuses the new 5 of being “simpler” and more conservative than the previous one. The new 5 is busier and has much more linework, but I think it comes off as simpler because all of the lines work together very well. It’s a very consistent design all around.

I do get the impression that this 5 takes less risks than the previous one. I also wish the new 5 and 7 were more different from each other.

In the preview event at BMW, they (BMW) actually made mention of this, that the old one was “polarizing” and the new one “everyone would like”.


Really like the new 5-series, the lines work much better then the old generation, especially the front and headlights are finally improved. The old 5 looked a bit a stranger in between the new 3, X1 and 7 designs. I’am happy in Europe we don’t have such wheels…