2009 Intern postings pop up right at midnight

As I was at home watching the ball drop I was on my laptop searching internships and noticed something. Internships that I haven’t seen before popped up right at midnight (got that from the date posted note on the job description). So the question is, now that January 1, 2009 is here, will more internships start to rapidly pop up? My instructors have told me that most employers wait until January 1st…

Happy 2009

Where abouts you seen them? Coroflot?

Yes, January kicks off the process at many companies… though Jan 1 at midnight is pretty ambitious. They must have been waiting for that Q3 budget to kick in.

I am wondering this too. Coroflot has no postings so far for January…

We’ll I’m starting mine on the 5th, but it was posted this fall.

yes, it coincides with quarterly budgets, sometimes annual budgets.

i can tell you that there has been a strangle on budgets since Q1 '08, obviously, but i know for my team where i work with there has been heated discussions within our department and operations about how we are going to add new blood. some feel an intern is a good option, i personally feel hiring a junior fulltime is our best option. the market is flooded with talent, so in the long run i think we can pick someone up and keep them at least two years. an intern doesn’t make sense beacuse of the short-term nature of the employment situation. of course, a graduating senior would be a very good option as a temp-to-hire situation. it’s an investment reality.

economically, 09 is going to be pivotal. if the economy stabilizes, i think a gradual rebuilding should start by the end of the year. other scenarios i have discussed see '11 as the turn around. i think that from my view, if we need a minimum of 2 years out of a hire to recoup the investment, it’s a good time for us to hire. this is just my view from the company i work for. we are privately owned.

I know my comment is more related to an actual job instead of a freelance position…

What I hear with friends at their companies they might be advertising jobs on their websites, but they aren’t doing ANY hiring until next quarter. Or they have jobs up and they are in a hiring freeze because someone is too lazy to remove the job.

I don’t foresee companies really doing much hiring for at least six months.

here at work we used to do an internship “program” with say maybe 12 interns (usually 1 design intern and the other business). But this year they are cancelling the program and only hiring a few interns for the areas that “really need them”. Another drawback from the budget cuts/economy. :unamused:

Its definately a bummer that internships are drying up, but at the same time I think tis helpful that companies are only hiring interns only if there is work is kind of nice. I have had a couple internships were the company hired me because thats what they do every quarter only to be forced to sit at a desk pretending to be busy for weeks at a time.

We will see how I feel about this when I’m sitting at home this summer though. haha.