2008 Shows, seminars, training?

Hi - Just got the word that my department has some extra cash this year for shows, training and what not. I’m having a hard time finding some good shows or better yet some training that I can take.

I am already going to the IDSA National Conf in Sept
I have already taken Rhino Training up in Seattle.

Does anyone know of anything going on or any good training that I could possibly take?

If they will let you learn about what is going on in other parts of the world:

  1. 2008 World Industrial Design Fair, Ningbo China - www.widfair.com
  2. Shanghai Biennial - www.shanghaibiennale.com
  3. Business of Design Week, Hong Kong - www.bodw.com.hk

Those would be awesome trips, but that I think they will say no to.
Any other ideas.

I suggest that you save up some cash and bring Yo into your office for the day. There is no one better to communicate passion for innovative design and board skills while also inspiring business based creativity and strategic thinking. He has done it for my team (as a favor) and it was great.

How much for Yo? I would love to have a speaker come in and just download us on how they work, their flow, heck anything and everything.

I will ask him to reply to you.

If your serious, email me, a couple of years ago I did a day long seminar like that for Adobe. I’m currently discussing doing similar talks at a major commercial furniture manufacturer and a high end bike manufacturer.

What was your rough agenda for that kind of discussion? Who is/was the target audience (Designers? Mgmt?).

This is what I was looking for. I am an industrial designer with almost 4 yrs of exp at a catalog company. I am always looking for different Shows, seminars, training to attend to keep the on going education. Do you guys have any ideas? Setting up pvt lectures with yo or some one like yo seems a good idea as well. Any other suggestions?