2008 Maserati GT

Normally, I wait for others to post a juicy supercar. However, the Italians have been doing such an inspiring job of late. First, the Alfa Romeo 8C, now the Maserati GT, based on the same greasy bits. Just look at this:

It looks like it could be Batmans car, but it’s also so clean at the same time. Note the now mandatory side vents.

:slight_smile: Looks line a finely tailored suit.

Much nicer than the current car… I like it. I have a feeling this car will have the same presence as the Quattroporte sedan. They don’t photo that great, but in person, their proportions and form work are awesome.

I really like the grill, I’d like to check out the back… looks interesting from this view… not sure about the wheels, kind of complicated.

looks like it sucks…literally… no really, the front end just reminds me of a dustbuster.

i do like the overall dynamic shape and lines though. Almost BMW Z07 sorta feel. always loved that concept that just didnt work as well in the Z8. plus gotta bit of stretched out honda s200 in it i think.


The large front grill is a distinguishing design feature on all maserati’s and i think it really defines the car. I definitely agree that this is a beautiful sports coupe to compliment the quattroporte, and carries the same feeling of refinement but with a more aggressive presence. I think maserati really does a great job of achieving that aggresive feeling without using aggresive lines that would disrupt the elegant appearance of the car. Any shots of the rear end?

Looks like Aston Martin’s new Vanquish has some competition in the styles category. I still like Bond’s DBS over her however. She’s a beut’ Clark. :slight_smile:

i own and drive a old bora, had a qport 3 (the big one) and its nice to see maser back in the hunt. The new car owes its look a lot to the AM, but heck they all owe their look to the xke.

Ya, but have you ridden in a Z8? Its quite the piece of machinery when experienced first hand.