2008 Honda FC Sport Design Study, hydrogen powered

I’m excited about this thing. A pretty unique plan view.

I guess no one else thinks it’s interesting?

OK, I’ll bite.

I’m not digging it.
The rear graphic is so narrow in proportion to the width of the car.
Similar to a late 90’s Buick Riviera, like small pockets on a huge butt.
The aesthetic is so stubby and dustbusteresque.
Too much Space 1999, not enough Luigi Colani.
Now, if this were a plug-in electric, and the rear end was a giant 2 prong socket, that might be something. :wink:

I like it. I agree the top view is really unique. The front is too flat though. It looks like they ran out of time and just stuck a decal to the front for the show.

Another thing, it reminds me of a concept car that was done by someone in California around 1990. I remember pictures in car mags. It was red and was going to be the next American Ferrari I think. Project never went past the one off prototype I think. I’ve been trawling the web to figure out what it is that I’m thinking of, but I can’t remember the name:/

Looks better from the front, but still…

Looks like BigTrak

Looks better from the front, but still…

more Boba Fett-ian really… but after almost two decades of bulbous fenders it’s refreshing.

There’s also something Lamborghini Murcielago-esque going on…

So many things can be traced back to the Modulo.


It doesn’t look lik a Bigtrack, but I like the idea of a car that does.

I’m not usually a fan of the wiz bang look, but I like this car a lot.

They attempted something unique, and they made a hybrid look different without making it look like a Prius. This could be what the Volt should have been.
Also, the front end graphic is pretty cool, they should do a Boba Fett color option, scratches and all.

I was referring more to the wavy graphics in the headlights.

The word that comes to mind here is crisp. The top view is interesting, but I think that the front is too flat. I feel like the lights are too narrow on the entire thing…maybe if they played with the sizes the front would look less alien and the back wouldn’t resemble an electrical plug so much. Definitely stand out for a hybrid though. Hey, I’m excited :slight_smile:

I don’t think either front or rear are really appealing. They are striking, I’ll admit that, and that socket at the back is a totally new design element, but they might have gone a bit too far.

What I like most is the bit between front and rear wheels, that looks incredibly aggressive and sporty. I’d keep the side views, go a bit more conventional about the rear and up front I’d divide the “Bobba Fett visor” by placing the headlights a couple of inches towards the sides.

I agree with Lmo: if Honda tried to design something lamborghini-esque, this would be it.

That is what concepts are for.

It’s not classically pretty for sure, but I don’t think they were going for that.

Could this be the lineage?


Has anyone else noticed that the rear hexagonal shape looks just like the hexagonal bulge on the rear of the CR-V?

Anyways, the car is very interesting and somewhat appealing to me. Seems like a transformer.

yes this is a very unique car, and has a very different design for Honda.

The CR-V?! You’re nuts, there’s no… … . well, I’ll be go to h3ll, there it is… . subtle isn’t it.

Good eye!

Kaiyun: Funny you should say that. As I was driving in NH yesterday, I noticed the same thing driving behind a CR-V. Good eye!

I was thinking the same thing about the CR-V rear, and I like it too.

I personaly like the hexagonal rear on the FC rather than the CR-V because it actually flows a bit on the concept, where the CR-V’s just a random bulge that does not seem to coordinate as well.

It’s funny that Honda is returning to a theme that they only seemed to use once, on a production car, from six years ago. They are really out of ideas, I guess!