2008 Hayabusa designed byLRG

Hey All…

Just thought id post this…

This is a project that I managed while I was working as creative director for a company that owns a motorcycle magazine.

It was a design excercize to try and breathe some new life into the custom sportbike scene… I paired Suzuki and there 2008 Hayabusa with Lifted Research Group (LRG) arguably the most influential fashion line around…

What you see below is the result…


i love your concept of green and white. also the ideo to remove some plastic-parts…
BUT … i really dislike the golden parts. in my opinion it doesn’t fit in the concept, loved to see some ordinary chrome or a platinum style (dark grey). it’s just my humble opinion, but i hate gold anyway :smiley:

Ooh I really like it. I’m normally not a big fan of sportbikes, let alone custom ones, but the white/green really appeals to me, as well as the spokeless wheels and the fabric on the seat :slight_smile:

As far as the gold parts go, I’m not sure if they would look better in plain chrome, but maybe a green (or black/grey) powder coating would look great.

Where’s their trademark “hump-back” on the seat/fender area?

I like being able to see the drivetrain components even though they are gold/brass. But, I think it needs a bit more graphical elements added to it to make it really feel like LRG.

Lack of a muffler on that sucker could make you go deaf, too. Or would it be def…

Here is alot more photos at the unveiling in LongBeach at the IMS show!


naked sportbikes FTW.

that bike is very ugly, too much pop culture bling.

lexan wheel centers? no thanks.

Too much pimping going around that bike. Rather have normal GSXR.