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This atlas in progress maps the design schools of the world. Research and map by Fabrizio Gallanti and Francisca Insulza.
The schools are listed in alphabetical order according to their place of origin (names of countries and cities are in English). To view the list just click on the letters at the top of the page. The type of program offered at each school is shown (Communication, Fashion, Graphics, Industrial, Interaction, Interior, Product, Textile) along with the website.
This is an ongoing directory that whilst being the result of extensive investigation, does not claim to be exhaustive. Your contributions are welcomed to help make it a more complete and reliable source. Send your updates to > redazione@domusweb.it >

I don’t see people mention this global d-school map from Domusweb very often. In my personal opinion, compared with**the popular businessweek’s list**, this map does provide a broad and global angle of view.

This list is not a really scientific rank, but still, I think it could be very helpful to improve the communication between US d-schools and European d-schools and d-schools all over the world. Especially for those guys intended to be global, this map could be a valuable reference.

Please feel free to shoot your comments according to your own experience.

Oh wow. I love it lol.