2005 Mustang concept sketches revealed!!

Take a look at these behind the scene sketches that detail the evolution of the new Mustang from Ford:


This is good info for the other thread - looks like this guy had some artistic flair and design sensibility. This seems to be the case only with cars tho, I don’t see many artistic drawings of products to get excited about. Nice to see what constitutes professional work too.

Please add these pics in this thread - can’t access them!!!

whats going on with “balls” on one of the license plates?

wow…if only the real car looked like this. what bothers me is that car stylist seems to exaggerate proportions in their drawings and draw things that would be difficult to build. Why fool people with drawings of things that can’t translate into reality?

I think this will be hotter:


That sure blows the 'Stang away Yo. And, the sketch actually looks like a real car.

Those Mustang thumbnails, while looking great, don’t show the form at all. There are all kinds of reflections showing on the side of the car that don’t show the form.

Nothing much has changed though, Raymond Loewy complained about unrealistic car sketches by designers in one of his books.

Those Mustang thumbnails, while looking great, don’t show the form at all. There are all kinds of reflections showing on the side of the car that don’t show the form.

Well…you can see the form by looking at the reflections…

Who are these design knock - off artists who take credit for these designs?
Why don’t hey just rehire the awesome designers from that time and give them bonuses!

hey knock off guys, Can I get a salary too if I trace someting?..must be nice!

regarding the concept car from autoweek - that’s it…JUST a concept. This guy from Ford was able to pull it off - and you can buy it today!! Actually, there are waiting lists to get a Mustang these days.

About those reflections and wild sketches - that’s the POINT! These car guys are selling EMOTION! of course you don’t see sweet toaster sketches - there is rarely any emotion attached to a product that is a basic staple. I had an instructor who taught that emapthic sketching was the best way to come up with great new forms - and solve problems at the same time. These car sketches look pretty empathic - but he has a few tight ones in there too - look at the gascaps sketches.

Let’s give some credit where it’s due.

Sweet! Nice to see some published sketches - Car Styling is showing less and less of the behind the scene design process, it’s tough to see anything cool anymore. :sunglasses:

It’s hard to get credit for designs anymore - all the Design VP’s and CEO’s take credit for everything. Nice to see a name attached to a sketch.

Wow - read this about Mustnag sales:



I thought those ideas were great. You really do get a feel for the emotion or idea behind it. Those are the type to get people excited to go ahead with a certain direction, before you have to tone it down with the engineering.

You hear about J Mays and Chris Bangle all the time - nice to see this guy Sid get some props. His ideas seem like those Mustang enthusiasts love 'em and you don’t have to listen to some cr*p about “neo-realism, flame surfacing and man’s inhumanity towards man” those guys puff out to the press.

That Challenger is Hot! I’ve always been more partial to the Challenger/Charger/Cuda body than any Mustang other than the Mach I fastback. I’d like to know what the chances for production are.

Sid Ramnarace was my auto design teacher at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2003 - He was a great mentor and teacher, even for those of us not pursuing auto design as a career. I think his style of drawing and what he taught us helped us to be better product designers too. I think it’s great that his drawings are available! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

true nuff’ That Challenger is rad - this is great for are car nuts, Dodge probably would’nt have doen a Challenger if Ford didn’t do the Mustang. I hear GM i doing a camaro to compete with the mustang for 2007. :sunglasses:

the real winners here are the consumers!

The Car companies are so dumb - whay can’t they design all their products to be as exciting at the Mustang? Instead they give us the Stratus, Taurus and Impala (snore, zzzzzz) No wonder the Japanese are eating their lunch. Since the 500 bombed in the market, I hear the Mustang is the only hot car Ford has right now. Don’t these guys get how importatnt design is?

Sid Ramnarace spoke at the Cleveland Auto Show last year about the Mustang and showed these drawings.