2004 China Industrial Design Week

2004 China Industrial Design Week & Wuxi International Industrial Design Festival

Theme: Innovation, Exchange, Development of China Design
Schedule: Oct.18th -Oct.21st, 2004
Venue: Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R.C.

Supported by:
State Ministry of Science & Technology of P.R.C.
China Association for Science & Technology
China National Light Industry Council

Hosted by:
China Industrial Design Association
Jiangsu Science & Technology Department
Wuxi Municipal People’s Government

Organized by:
Wuxi Municipal Science & Technology Bureau
Wuxi Municipal Government of Binhu District
Southern Yangtze University

Co-organized by:
Industrial Design Examination Dept. of State Intellectual Property Office
Wuxi Liyuan Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu
Local Industrial Design Promotion Associations
Industrial Design Institutions

More information will be available at http://www.china-id.cn

I heard that they are graduating tons (approx. 800) of ID people in Chinese schools every year. That cant be good news for us. Even if they stay in Asia to work.

@dkorr - might check older threads. long one on that topic. better to discuss there than here.

Numbers might be true, however we have done work for one Chinese company and one Taiwanese company in the last 18 months. Both said they have used their in-house ID departments, but the designers just do not get the “American trends”.

We lost clients to Chinese manufacturing companies offering “free ID and Styling”, I was mad at first. Then I realized that those clients were the one focused mainly on cost and creating me2 products. The ones who expect everything and expect to pay nothing because design is only a commodity and does nothing to sales. Just my experiences though.

Even so, we shouldn’t ignore it. Cheap or not, design is still design, and business is business. If the clients can do without our services that’s one less source of income.

The future of US I.D. seems grim. :cry:

More and more, Chinese OEM manufactures are suppling free ID and Enginnering as a whole package for doing business with them. Even though the quality of the work can be debateable, never the less it is becoming a common business strategy.

American companies are taking the bait too, because it means less overhead costs, no intial R&D investment, and no overpaid, whinny employees to deal with.

Besides most of the junk being created is going to Wal-Mart, were your average consumer is concerned with price, not quality, or for that matter design.

Wake up and smell the coffee guys, open your eyes :open_mouth: It’s a good time to start learning other languages…maybe Cantonese or Mandarin?

It sure will be competitive in the field, and lots of talented Chinese designers will be out. As in US, it feels like a threat and creates the debate about two countries, market system and overall the concern for the US job markets…
Many of them are already accepting the slow changes eventhough they feel like it is the bate.
However…the word ‘bate’ isn’t proper term.
As being US designers or as educated human being…this threat shouldn’t be the real threat, but rather focus on co-op between two countries, and learn from eachother.
What I’m worrying is that (It already happends in education) that there might be discriminaton toward Chinese students who are studying in US and
ignored by ID professors as just being foreigners and not gettng their full benefit as individuals. For ex, look at how many asian art students are here in Universities and think how many of them are actually became successful or backed up.
Yes we do have lots problems. One of them is that we think we are always the best. Problem starts with this massive ego. When the eyes are opened… you will see the whole world as a Market and there will be lots chance (to sell, get hire or whatever).
Learning Chinese doesn’t sound bad… Well most of other countries are learning English as their second language, but why not Chinese?
Let’s remember that the world does evolve.

bate–>bait. :blush: :wink: